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The speakers at The Global Ethics Summit are exceptional and inspiring. They are experts in their respective fields and offer insight into some of the most pressing ethical issues facing organizations today. With a blend of business leaders, ethics professionals, and government officials, the summit provides diverse perspectives on how we can create a more ethical corporate culture. The speakers are not only knowledgeable, but also engaging and thought-provoking, challenging attendees to think critically and reflect on their own ethical values. Their presentations are practical and actionable, providing attendees with concrete steps to take to improve their organization’s ethics and compliance culture. In short, the speakers at The Global Ethics Summit are phenomenal, delivering high-quality content and leaving attendees feeling inspired to make a positive impact in their workplace and beyond.

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Aarti Maharaj

VP, Global Partnerships and Managing Director, BELA South Asia and Asia Pacific

Bridgestone Americas

Adam Balfour

Vice President & General Counsel for Corporate Compliance and Vice President for Global Risk Management


Alan Tse

Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

Cox Communications

Amber Hall

Vice President, Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

Watching Global Ethics Summit speakers live is an exclusive opportunity to be immersed in a dynamic learning environment where thought leaders, industry experts, and innovators share their groundbreaking perspectives on the latest trends and challenges facing the business world. These speakers bring remarkable insights, innovation, and actionable strategies that have a meaningful impact on the way companies engage their stakeholders and transform their organizational cultures to thrive in a constantly evolving landscape.